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Thurkauf suspended

Thurkauf suspended

Swiss captain to miss game vs. Denmark

Published 25.04.2017 09:17 GMT-4 | Author Martin Merk
Thurkauf suspended
Swiss forward Calvin Thurkauf will miss his team's next game due to a one-game suspension. Photo: Andre Ringuette / HHOF-IIHF Images
Swiss forward Calvin Thurkauf was issued a one-game suspension for slew-footing.

The 2017 IIHF World Junior Championship Disciplinary Panel has issued a one-game suspension to Thurkauf for slew-footing Swedish player Rasmus Dahlin in the teams’ game yesterday.

The incident occurred at the end (20:00) of the first period when both players were along the boards and had light shoulder-to-shoulder contact. Thurkauf hit the Swedish player behind him, Dahlin, first backwards with his arm, followed by a kick with his foot. Dahlin subsequently fell on the ice.

The player explained in the hearing today that he lost his emotional control for that short moment due to previous incidents, that he did not want to injure the opponent and that he acknowledges the misconduct.

The Disciplinary Panel determined that the player’s action constituted a slew-foot (IIHF Rule 160) and that it was a dangerous and unsportsmanlike behaviour, which according to the Rule Book should have resulted in a match penalty. Fortunately, Dahlin was not seriously injured and was able to continue playing.

Thurkauf was therefore sanctioned with a suspension of one game, being the team’s next game tomorrow against Denmark.


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